A Wisley wedding florist’s dream wedding venue

Wedding Flowers – Wisley Gardens Glasshouse

This was our most awaited Wisley wedding florist work venture at RHS Wisley.  As a keen gardener, when I had the chance to work with Vicky & Pete, who were planning their wedding at Wisley Gardens, my heart did a little whoop whoop of joy!  This was our first wedding at Wisley gardens but even before we actually got here for this wedding, we had two more scheduled and in the planning stages, much to my delight as I could quite easily move in, do gardening during the week and wedding flowering at the weekends, and I would be truly in my own version of heaven.

For Vicky’s tear drop bouquet I used a gorgeous blend of ivory roses, lisianthus, dahlias and astilbe, and matched this for the bridesmaids, with smaller more rounded hand-tied bouquets.   The men wore rustic buttonholes of spray roses, lisianthus, eucalyptus and olive sprigs.  When I delivered the bouquets to Vicky’s parent’s house, I was greeted by much excitement and words of praise, but fearful of make up getting ruined, Vicky’s mum managed to hold back the tears luckily.  

Vicky & Pete got married at St Peter’s Church in Petersfield, a gorgeous old stone church in the heart of the town.  Vicky & Pete went full out with the church flowers, with two amazing pedestal displays with tonnes and tones and tonnes of delphiniums, and gorgeous pew end flowers, all of which we brought back with us to reuse during the wedding breakfast.  

6 months out or so before the wedding, as this was to be my first time at the venue in a professional capacity as a Wisley wedding florist, I had a quick orientation visit and discovered that within the amazing grounds at Wisley Gardens, there are in fact several places which can host a wedding or event. If you’d like to find out more please take a peak here. There is a choice between the aptly named Hilltop Garden Room, the Waterlily Pavilion which overlooks the landscaped pond,  the Butterly Lovers Chinese-style Pavilion by the lake, and last but most definitely not the least – the stunning Glasshouse full of tropical plants and trees which is available for weddings June through August only.  What a truly magical venue!  I really loved going round with the wedding & events team on one of their handy little golf buggies, and being shown the behind the scenes access and unloading. Most of all, on Vicky & Pete’s actual wedding day, I was so happy to be back and entering the temperature controlled plant area of the Glasshouse. 

While Vicky, Pete and their lucky guests were having photos and drinks in the terrace outside the Glasshouse, we quickly got busy inside and set up the gorgeous table flowers amongst the lush typical plants and tress, to the beautiful sound of the amazing waterfall.  We created gorgeous displays for the guest tables – some were styled with tall dramatic and rather large gold geometric stands centrepieces, while the other half of the tables were dressed with floral wreaths with matching gold geometric lanterns.  What they had in common was a pretty mix of roses, hydrangeas, lisianthus, scented stocks and larkspur, with contrasting lush foliage to set them at hime amongst the green surrounding us.  

We left but not before saying goodbye to a very happy Vicky & Pete, and to the amazing Murray Clark, whose photography and sense of humour is always a pleasure to witness. 


I hope you’ve enjoyed our latest Wisley wedding florist adventure at the wonderful Wisley Gardens Glasshouse.  If you’d like more floral inspo, please visit our journal or get in touch. We are located a mere 20 minutes drive from Wisley Gardens and would be delighted to talk about your wedding plans.