Great Fosters spring open day – The Flower Meadow Offer

Wedding show £1500 offer – Spring 2024

We hope that you enjoyed our beautiful styling of the Orangery in the theme of floral meadows. To celebrate our new blossom and flower trees, we’ve put together an amazing luxury wedding collection based on this very romantic flower meadow theme. Our Great Fosters flower meadow collection is perfect if you’re planning your wedding at Great Fosters and are after stunning whimsical and meadow-style wedding flowers.  All the fresh flower meadows and bud vases are made bespoke just for you to blend in with your chosen colours. 

Why choose this look?   Apart form the best reason that it is one the prettiest looks we’ve put together and is bang on the latest trends, the flower meadow offer gives you incredible value and amazing bang for your buck!  While wedding party flowers are a significant part of every bride’s wedding flowers budget, the ceremony and the venue flowers and decor including the table centrepieces, will be what most of your budget will need to go on since they typically use far more flowers, to dress big spaces. This is where the costs usually start adding up, especially if you have a lot of guests and guest tables and if you are needing to dress the ceremony space as well as the wedding tables. 

This is where our Great Fosters Flower Meadow offer can help get impressive results, for up to 13 tables / ca 130 guests.  

The displays are all designed to work hard throughout the different stages of the day – first used for the wedding ceremony in the Orangery, and then again for your wedding breakfast in the Tithe Barn.  The statement flower trees or cherry blossom trees, which are so incredibly romantic, add much impact within both rooms and both look fantastic against the beautiful dark oak paneling of the Tithe Barn. The hanging glass candlelights add a stunning romantic glow to the tables later on in the evening.  

What’s included? 

6 luxury blossom tress or flower trees with hanging glass bauble votives – to be reused as table centrepieces in the centre of the barn &

6 aisle floor meadows – to be reused as table centrepieces on the tables under the eaves, giving you a total of 12 round table centrepieces. 

3 Beautiful large floor meadows to be used at the base of the ceremony table / top table / cake table

Ceremony table bud vases and candles to be reused on top table

Tule & flowers styling of the wrought iron lecturn

4 aisle plinths to place the tall blossom trees / flowers trees centrepieces on, to frame the ceremony area and the back of the aisle

8 candlelit gold or silver lanterns or trios of floating candle vases

Post box hire

In a little more detail, you have your pick of 6 romantic and impressive flower trees or dreamy cherry blossom trees and 4 plinths, to place the trees at the start and end of the aisle or down the aisle, as you prefer.  Also included are 6 floor meadows for the aisle, giving you a total of 12 centrepieces than can later be reused to dress 12 round guest tables in the Tithe Barn.

meadow flowers wedding offer at great fosters in surrey
Blossom trees centrepieces on plinths at the back of the wedding aisle.
Great Fosters wedding offer with flower trees at the back of the aisle
Flower trees centrepieces on plinths at the back of the aisle
Floor meadows and lanterns down the aisle at great fosters
Flower meadows centrepieces down the aisle

Later on these 12 centrepieces – 6 flower trees or blossom trees and 6 aisle meadows, can be moved through to the Tithe Barn and used to dress up to 12 guest tables – your choice of tall cherry blossom trees or flower trees will dress the tables in the middle of the barn, where the ceiling is high, and the 6 flower meadows centrepieces can dress 6 tables under the eaves of the barn, where the ceiling is low. We include rose petals scatter and votives around the base of the flower trees, to add to the beautiful ambiance cast by the hanging globe tea lights that adorn the trees.  You can add trios of pretty fresh flowers bud vases around the base of the trees, to further link in with your chosen colour scheme, for just £25 per table.   If you have slightly fewer tables the flower meadows make wonderful displays for the guest comments book and post box table or can be used at the bottom of your seating plan easel.  Equally any remaining trees can be used to add extra decor around the venue. 

meadow flowers and blossom trees centrepieces at Great Fosters
Flower meadow and cherry blossom from ceremony, being used as table centrepieces in the Tithe Barn
Flower trees table centrepieces with hanging bauble tea lights.
Beautiful cherry blossom trees centrepieces with hanging bauble tea lights.

For the ceremony table, where you will be signing, it includes a set of 6 just-picked pretty bud vases of fresh flowers and selection of candleholders and votives. Dotted along the ceremony table or clustered at each side, this leaves room for your bouquet to be placed on the table while you are signing the wedding register. Later on, these can all be beautifully repurposed on the long top table, along with your bouquets, in matching vases to keep them all fresh to enjoy more after the wedding.  

ceremony table bud vases of wild flowers
Ceremony table bud vases and candles.

At the bottom of the ceremony table which can be round or rectangular, are 3 romantic large floor meadows of enchanting meadow-style fresh flowers. blended together, to dress the front of the ceremony table.  Later on these can be reused around your cake table, or along the base of the long top table or on the Minstrel Galley, along with the  lanterns from the wedding aisle.  It’s your wedding so you can decide how to best reuse these later on. 

beautiful meadow flowers in pastel colours

Not forgetting the wedding aisle,  aside from the 6 beautiful floor meadows of fresh flowers, there will also be a choice of 8 elegant gold or silver lanterns, or 8 trios of floating candle cylinder vases. We add the dreamy tule styling of the wrought iron lecturn and a handy post box on hire for your wedding cards, so that you’ve got your wedding decor essentials all taken care of.  

Floor meadows and lanterns down the aisle at great fosters

What size wedding will the wedding flowers offer cover?  Our £1500 show offer is designed to suit weddings up to 130 guests, seated on a top table and up to 12 other round tables – for example 6 guest tables, in the middle of the To the Barn and another 6 tables under the eaves of the Tithe Barn.   If you are planning for more guests and therefore more tables, you can of course add additional centrepieces to your order and we can let you know how much this will be.  If you have slightly fewer guest tables, the spare flowers can usually be put to good use to style key areas of your venue, such as the Painted Hall or the entrance foyer. 

Can I add other things to this?   Yes of course.  You can also add your wedding party flowers such as bouquets and buttonholes, hair flowers and mums’ corsages, for more inspiration on these, pleaser take a look at our bridal party gallery or look through our journal of featured weddings. 

You can also add for example some amazing statement pieces if you’d like something grander as a ceremony backdrop.  Our arches start at £250 to hire and would make a perfect addition to the meadow style wedding.  Choose from 5 available – a rustic blossom arch, a pure blossom square arch, a romantic garden arch or our modern or foliage Moongate arches.  

Rustic blossom arch example at Great Fosters
Lavish garden arch example at Great Fosters
Modern Moongate arch example at Great Fosters
Natural Moongate flower floral arch with flower meadows wedding ceremony at great fosters
Natural moongate flower arch with flower meadows example
Stunning full blossom arch at Great Fosters

We also LOVE the blossom arches we created for the beautiful arched windows behind the ceremony area.  If you would like to hire these they are just £150 in total. 

blossom window arches at great fosters in surrey

Please contact us for these additional cost for the fresh flower meadows in front of the central window. These range from £200 to £300 depending on how wide and extensive you wish to make them. Depending on what you would like to use at the front of your ceremony area, be this the blossom trees  which are included with the meadow offer, or one of the statement arches, the floor meadows width and coverage can be customised to best suit your needs. 

meadow flowers ceremony backdrop, with floating candles   

Delivery, collection and set up costs are not included  as this is dependent on where you are having your wedding party flowers delivered to, but if the whole delivery is to come to Great Fosters, the cost for delivery, the set-up, coming back at the end of the ceremony to repurpose the flowers ready for the wedding breakfast and subsequent collection of all the hired items, would be £150. 

How is this different from other offers / packages?  Unlike styling companies, who can only offer you silk flowers and props hire, our package also includes beautiful fresh flowers where it counts, making it more realistic, delivering that amazing scented experience and helping you achieve a unified design throughout.  

Unlike traditional florists, we have a stylist’s huge selection of statement silk flower arches, window blossom arches, and many other unique props, that you can add to this as you wish, to help you get that WOW factor without compromise and to help you further personalise this look exactly as you wish. 

As we are experienced florists first and foremost not just stylists, we can also take care of your wedding party flowers such as bouquets and buttonholes, hair flowers, corsages and such like.  This means  a unique one-stop solution to all your wedding flowers and venue decor needs, all under one roof.  

If you’re getting married at Great Fosters, please take inspiration from our many other featured weddings at Great Fosters. We’ve been recommended florists at Great Fosters for over 10 years and have done so many beautiful weddings here, we’ve lost count.  Our Featured Great Fosters wedding pages will give you all the ideas you might need to find what looks lovely at this historic & stunning venue.