Magical Petersham Hotel wedding flowers

A Mesmerising winter-wonderland wedding at The Petersham Hotel

An absolutely stunning and firm favourite wedding to end the year on, Steven & Keillani’s wedding flowers at The Petersham Hotel last December, were an absolute dream, with a captivating white winter wonderland theme guaranteed to melt hearts and create a lasting impression. It was really lovely to chat to Steven over several planning calls, to develop this beautifully romantic floral and decor scheme, and the results were so worth it!

Steven and Keillani’s white winter wonderland theme was a breathtaking spectacle, filled with romance and enchantment. From the planning stages, where every detail was meticulously curated, to the stunning results captured in timeless photographs, their wedding flowers truly spoke for themselves. Let’s dive into the ethereal beauty of their floral and decor scheme, set against the backdrop of The Petersham Hotel.

Steven and Keillani envisioned a romantic and dreamy wedding atmosphere, with a touch of winter magic. Considering a pure white look or adding frosty green foliage, they ultimately decided on an enchanting all-white theme. This choice perfectly complemented the intimate ceremony and wedding breakfast rooms at The Petersham Hotel in Richmond.  It was our third time creating beautiful Petersham Hotel wedding flowers and an absolute joy!

Host With Style, a trusted partner in creating beautiful events, provided twinkling lights drapery on the windows behind the ceremony. This created a stunning magical backdrop, with softly veiled views over the picturesque riverside in Richmond. The wedding aisle was adorned with our raised floral centerpieces on elegant silver stands. Each centerpiece featured ethereal puffballs of lacy gypsophila complemented by textural white hydrangeas and magnificent Colombian import roses, perfectly capturing the essence of the winter wonderland theme.  

To complete the enchanting aisle styling, rose and gypsophila clusters were added to each of the soft chair sashes provided by Host With Style. These delicate touches enhanced the elegance and created a seamless visual flow throughout the ceremony space. Additionally, two striking floral urns served as a statement backdrop for the ceremony area and table, adding a touch of grandeur to the surroundings.

The floral displays from the ceremony were cleverly repurposed to adorn the long oval banquet table during the wedding breakfast. The six aisle displays were lined up along the table, effortlessly connected by an abundance of candlelight and additional flower bud vases. The two grand urn displays framed the ends of the room, creating a sense of symmetry and grace.

The overall effect of the meticulously arranged floral displays was nothing short of magical. Steven and Keillani’s delight was evident throughout the day, in the joyous smiles captured in their stunning wedding photographs. The combination of pristine white flowers, candlelight, and thoughtful design created an atmosphere that was romantic, dreamy, and truly unforgettable.

Steven and Keillani’s white winter wonderland wedding at The Petersham Hotel was a testament to the power of fully embracing a theme and executing it flawlessly. The ethereal white flowers and clever repurposing of arrangements created a sense of unity throughout the event. The Petersham Hotel provided the perfect backdrop for this enchanting celebration, and the impeccable attention to detail ensures this wedding will be cherished for a lifetime. From the beautiful floral accents to the magical transformation of the banquet table, every element worked together harmoniously, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended. We feel so privileged to have been part of S&K’s amazing wedding day at The Petersham! 

The beautiful photography was thanks to Eddy from CatchLight Photography. If you loved the chair styling and beautiful twinkly lights drapery, please reach out to Host With Style, a local Richmond supplier we thoroughly recommend.  Meanwhile, if you are planning your wedding flowers and are after some more ideas and inspiration, please read to our Journal of featured weddings.