Classic White & Green wedding flowers at Great Fosters

Pure & Classic ivory white wedding flowers

Not sure what colours to choose for your wedding flowers? When in doubt, classic white & green is hard to beat! As trends come and go in terms of colours, you can bet your last dollar that certain colour themes will never date. We all recall the peach and yellow weddings of the 80s, the sunflowers trend of the mid 90s, the deep red theme of the milenium couples, and so on and so on. As colour trends come and go, it is quite easy to stick a generic date label with 90% certainly that you are in the right decade and at a push you might even be able to narrow it down to a matter of years… But one trend is never out and that is classic whites and lovely fresh greens.  So if you are really lost at where to start on choosing a colour for your wedding you could always bottle out of the hard decisions and opt for classic whites, safe in the knowledge that your wedding will look lovely for years to come. These beautifully fresh white & apple green wedding flower designs at Great Fosters are a fantastic example of classic flowers that will stand the test of time.  The combination of fresh white and apple green, with silver props, looked great and stood out brilliantly against the dark wood paneling of the Tithe Barn.  The flowers mix was pretty yet crisp, with ivory white roses, paeonies and David Austin roses, hydrangeas, freesias, stocks and splashes of apple green vibernum. If you are planning a Great Fosters wedding please take more inspiration from our Great Fosters venue featured weddings pages where the choice on show is boundless.    

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