Colourful Wedding Flowers at Farnham Castle

Steph & Tom’s Colourful  Wedding Flowers & Balloons

The vibrant and colourful wedding flowers and venue decor at Steph & Tim’s wedding at Farnham Castle were nothing short of stunning. As they celebrated their special day at the end of COVID-19, with restrictions allowing only 30 guests, the joy and beauty of the occasion were not to be diminished  despite it being their third planned date which changed from spring to autumn, back to spring and then to later on that spring.  Yet nothing was going to dent the smiles at this awesome wedding. 

The bright and happy blend of late spring colourful wedding flowers in jewel tones created a really beautiful and uplifting vision.  Steph, the radiant bride, held a vibrant bouquet that perfectly encapsulated the spirit of the day. Roses, lisianthus, scented stocks, astilbe, and lush Mediterranean foliage such as eucalyptus and olive melted together in a fabulous recipe of complimentary textures and colors. The coral Vuvuzella garden roses stole the show with their remarkable beauty and delightful fragrance. Bridesmaids, dressed in fabulously sparkly dresses, carried matching bouquets which looked fantastic against the shimmery sequins. 

Creating a Picture-Perfect Ceremony at Farnham Castle:

The Lantern Hall at Farnham Castle served as the picturesque backdrop for the couple’s heartfelt ceremony. It’s white walls provided a blank canvas for the explosion of colourful wedding flowers and balloon decor. Modern geometric stands were adorned with vibrant floral displays and boldly framed the wedding aisle. Bud vase displays adorned the ceremony table and windowsills, adding touches of colour and elegance to the surroundings.

After the intimate ceremony, Steph, Tom, and their closest loved ones stepped out down the beautiful stone Foxes Steps, onto the spectacular lawns. With Farnham Castle’s hilltop position offering a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape, the group indulged in group photos, champagne, and yummy canapés overlooking historic Farnham. 

A beautiful banquet in Farnham Castle’s Great Hall: 

Returning to the Great Hall for the wedding breakfast, guests took their seats at the most striking table layout, in a sociable square banquet table formation, where everyone faced inwards so that the whole wedding party was visible to all. The top table guests were as always positioned in front of the grand fireplace, which was adorned with a magnificent waterfall of colourful balloons, creating a truly magical, fun and whimsical ambiance.

Steph & Tom’s intimate wedding celebration at Farnham Castle was a feast for the senses. The vibrant and colorful wedding flowers added a touch of magic, infusing the entire event with joy, love, and beauty. From the bouquets to the ceremony decor and the grand hall, every corner of Farnham Castle bloomed with a celebration of color, standing as a testament to the couple’s enduring love.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the absolutely beautiful photography thanks to the amazing Tony Hart – his approach to genuinely capturing your special day resonated deeply with my own beliefs, and his photography never fails to wow.  If you’re planning your wedding flowers at Farnham Castle and need some floral inspo and a little guide please visit our other featured Farnham Castle weddings to get some handy ideas