Hampton Court House florist – 2014 spring wedding flowers

HCH wedding florist – 2014 latest wedding

This year I’ve been been lucky to be a Hampton Court House florist several times already and this is our latest and last of our spring weddings there, with a return to classic ivory which suits the venue so well.  I really love this venue, with its amazing transformation from bustling school to wedding heaven so the challenging red decor in the great hall really really is a very small price to pay!

Katie planned her wedding with our help all the way from New Zealand, so wisely, she opted to keep things simple and classic as she was worried about getting things matching well when all her sourcing of outfits and accessories and stationery etc, was all done on line.  She opted for a beautiful mix of ivory roses, spring tulips, scented lilies, genista and silvery eucalyptus, the only nod to the deep electric purpley blue of the bridesmaids dresses being a few deep blue delphiniums in the two ceremony displays.  This neutral and classic ivory colour scheme suits both the ceremony room in the main house, as well as the grand hall for the reception really well, and will never date.

For the bouquets we mixed Avalanche roses and beautiful double tulips, so simple and yet so stunning!


hampton_court_house_florist_wedding_Flowershampton_court_house_florist_wedding_Flowers_photos_KB (8)hampton_court_house_florist_wedding_Flowers_photos_KB (24)

We dressed the ceremony room with two amazing displays of roses, scented lilies, hydrangeas and genista, with a subtle splash of dark blue delphiniums.  The ceremony table was styled simply with 2 fish bowl vases of roses and tulips and votives.

hampton_court_house_florist_wedding_Flowers_photos_KB (12)

hampton_court_house_florist_wedding_Flowers_photos_KB (7)hampton_court_house_florist_wedding_Flowers_photos_KB (9)hampton_court_house_florist_wedding_Flowers_photos_KB (10)hampton_court_house_florist_wedding_Flowers_photos_KB (11)hampton_court_house_florist_wedding_Flowers_photos_KB (13)

The guests were guided from the ceremony through to the conservatory, with beautifully scented displays on the steps – scented lavender candles in our vintage bird cages, and jam jars with lavender sprigs.  Along the bar in the conservatory, and all along the long top table, we lined up more fish bowl vases for a lovely repetitive grouping.
hampton_court_house_wedding_flowers_photos_2014_KB (5)hampton_court_house_florist_wedding_Flowers_photos_KB (6)hampton_court_house_florist_wedding_Flowers_photos_KB (4)hampton_court_house_florist_wedding_Flowers_photos_KB (2)hampton_court_house_florist_wedding_Flowers_photos_KB (20)

For the wedding breakfast in the great hall, with my advice, Katie opted for a mix of tall and low centrepieces to dress the guest tables, making the most of and doing justice to the very tall ceilings and grand proportions of the hall.  A few times I have seen the hall decorated only with low centrepieces, and however lovely they may be, when you walk in they appeared totally dwarfed in relation to the room, and they didn’t stand out well enough.  I am so glad that Katie went with my advice.

hampton_court_house_florist_wedding_Flowers_photos_KB (19)hampton_court_house_florist_wedding_Flowers_photos_KB (15)hampton_court_house_florist_wedding_Flowers_photos_KB (22)hampton_court_house_florist_wedding_Flowers_photos_KB (23)hampton_court_house_florist_wedding_Flowers_photos_KB (21)hampton_court_house_florist_wedding_Flowers_photos_KB (17)hampton_court_house_florist_wedding_Flowers_photos_KB (14)hampton_court_house_florist_wedding_Flowers_photos_KB (16)

The flowers looked so lovely and fresh, it really captured the freshness of spring so perfectly. I hope you have enjoyed these snapshots from this classic whites wedding of lowers, the latest in our string of Hampton Court House florist adventures this year.  If you want to see how the venue looks decorated with other colours and styles, please visit the venue pages on our website, where you will find a page of featured Hampton Court House weddings.

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