Enchanting Indian Wedding Celebration at Wisley Gardens’ Glasshouse

Country garden pinky pastel flowers at Wisley summer wedding 

Sakshi’s Indian wedding day celebrations  were a little different from other Indian weddings we’ve had the pleasure of being involved with, and had such a lovely laid back feeling and such a spectacular setting – RHS Wisley Gardens no less.   Amidst the lush greenery and blooming flowers, the Glasshouse serves as a statuesque venue for a celebration that’s nothing short of spectacular, and the Waterlily Pavilion hosted the fabulous champagne drinks. 

Sakshi and her sister who was her bridesmaid, carried gorgeous bouquets of nude roses, skeleton leaves, grasses, dried peach gypsophila and white pepper berries, with wisps of pampas grass and eucalyptus, which looked lovely against their champagne and ivory dresses.  The bridal bouquet was finished with floaty silky ribbons trailing down, for a beautiful finishing touch.

As guests stepped into the Glasshouse for the wedding ceremony , they were greeted by a wedding aisle cutting through the open space of the glasshouse, amongst verdant palms and tropical plants, the mesmerising sound of the waterfall humming in the background. We lightly defined the wedding aisle with a trailing garland of soft ruscus, with floral lanterns dotted along it.  Low table centrepieces were grouped together at the bottom of a round ceremony table covered in summery pink.   The steel pillars that hold up the impressive glass structure, were dressed with large suspended displays framing the approach to the ceremony area and adding some colour high up.  We used beautiful roses, scented peonies and scented stocks, wispy astilbe and eucalyptus and pampas grass.  The air was lightly scented with the gorgeous smell of the roses, stocks and peonies, the constant slightly higher humidity adding to the impact.  

Meanwhile, having finished the decor of the Glasshouse for the ceremony we headed over to the Waterlily pavilion which was soon to host the champagne drinks.  Over the bridge and in the walled garden, we dressed occasional poster drinks tables, with cute bud vases of summery flowers, set on rustic logs to echo the natural setting,   We added a green belt of delicate trailing soft ruscus around the poseur table cloths, adding a little green contrast. This intimate setting exudes a sense of tranquility and seclusion, creating the perfect atmosphere for a drinks reception amongst nature and separated from the bustling gardens that delight the rest of the public. Just before the short wedding ceremony came to an end and guests were walking or being transported by golf buggies over to the Waterlily Pavilion for drinks, we headed back to the Glasshouse to turn this around for cocktails and informal dining. 

The backdrop of Wisley Gardens provides a serene and captivating ambiance, enhancing the beauty and significance of the traditional Indian wedding rituals being performed. The Glasshouse, with its modern design and abundance of natural light, offers a harmonious blend of contemporary elegance and botanical charm, making it a fitting setting for such a momentous celebration.

As the golden hours started to set, guests arrived back at the Glasshouse for cocktails around informal seating  nearer the entrance to the glasshouse.   The small tables were dressed with all the pretty floral lanterns that had been used down the aisle.  As they made their way later on to the hub of the Glasshouse, where the ceremony had been, informal dining tables greeted guests with an abundance of rose bowls overflowing with a profusion of roses, hydrangeas, stocks, astilbe, and peonies.  The soft hues and delicate textures of these blooms infused the space with a sense of whimsical beauty and charm, evoking the essence of a blossoming summer garden.  A cascade of all these beautiful blooms including garden roses and bloomy peonies, adorned the very special wedding cake, which looked spectacular against the green backdrop of the Glasshouse.

 The informal seating arrangements at tables scattered throughout the Glasshouse invited guests to mingle and savour the culinary delights in a relaxed and truly elegant setting.  Against the backdrop of the Glasshouse’s tropical surroundings and the soft glow of evening light filtering through the glass panes, guests are treated to a feast for the senses.   With each moment, Wisley Gardens weaves its magic, creating an unforgettable and memorable experience that will be cherished for a lifetime.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the beautifully captured moments from this gorgeous wedding, thanks to Alexadre Pichon Photography. We’ve worked at Wisley before and you can find more examples of our work on our weddings journal of featured weddings. Happy peaking!