Outdoor Jewish Wedding at Great Fosters

Beautifully Boho Jewish Wedding at Great Fosters 


Honor and James’ boho Jewish wedding at Great Fosters was a truly remarkable event, infused with creativity, love, and a deep appreciation for individuality. From the moment I met Honor, I knew her unique vision would culminate in a wedding celebration like no other. Her family, a vibrant mix of artists, writers, and creatives, collaborated to create a wedding that was stunningly curated, with each detail reflecting their love and care.

The boho bridal flowers

Honor’s bohemian spirit shone through her choice of bridal bouquet. She opted for a laid-back, boho bouquet comprising of jewel-toned meadow flowers like cornflowers, irises, clematis, and lilac and pink roses. This vibrant assortment was complemented by a really varied mix of Mediterranean foliage such as eucalyptus, ralphi, and olive. The result was a bouquet that exuded natural beauty and perfectly suited Honor’s free-spirited style and had a lovely just picked vibe.   For the evening festivities, Honor changed from her beautiful princess sparkly dress, to her grandmother’s vintage wedding dress, which had been carefully altered.   At the same time, she added a stunning wildflower circlet, which suited her hairstyle perfectly and echoed her grandmother’s own wedding flowers.  

The adult bridesmaids carried equally rustic boho bouquets, consisting of rich foliage intertwined with accent flowers.   For the adorable army of young flower people, to involve the little ones in the celebration, we suggested rustic floral and foliage hoops adorned with eucalyptus, olive, and accent flower clusters added, and these looked fantastic.    The young girls also wore gypsophila circlets to echo Honor’s floral crown. 

A rustic chuppah

The wedding took place at the magnificent Great Fosters, with the outdoor ceremony planned at the start of a tree-lined avenue, facing away from the hotel and culminating in a unique art sculpture.   Honor envisioned a rustic chuppah as the focal point, and we brought her dream to life. Crafted from carefully selected rustic silver birch branches, the structure perfectly suited the outdoor setting.   The chuppah’s crossbars were adorned with ethereal tulle fabric and an array of boho florals in mesmerizing shades of pink, purple, and blue. This enchanting structure served as a heartfelt symbol of the couple’s union.

Enchanting Aisle Decor: To create a captivating aisle experience, we incorporated rustic elements into the design. Chunky logs lined the aisle, showcasing Honor’s stack of old hardback books, lanterns, and candleholders. At the back of the aisle, we adorned Honor’s arch with cascading foliage, and framed signs crafted from moss and gold letters that read, “to the stars who listen” and “to the dreams that are answered.” These romantic touches added a beautiful and truly unique  ambiance to the ceremony space and the ceremony. 

Woodland cake installation and wedding breakfast table decor

While we were focused on creating a whimsical ceremony setting for the guest tables, James and Honor’s family members and friends, under the guidance of James and Honor’s mum, were busy crafting a woodland corner for the cake installation in the Tithe Barn. This collaboration showcased the involvement and dedication of their loved ones in bringing their creative vision to life. The tables were lovingly adorned with eclectic compositions of potted herbs in rustic pots, candlesticks, and candles. Some tables were left intentionally bare to accommodate the bridesmaids’ bouquets, adding another personal touch to the reception decor.

Unique touches

We loved the kids chillout Zone complete with teepee and low seating, in the Orangery, the unique moon-shaped arch/photobooth bench created by Honor’s handy neighbour, and the fairy light frames hung as photo frames on the terrace area outside the Tithe Barn.  But my favourite is the moss filed gilded frames with gold letters, which were used as welcome signs, seating plans and message boards by the ceremony area.  

Honor and James’ wedding was a masterpiece of creativity, love, and individuality. The combination of boho elements, Jewish chuppah flowers, and the involvement of their artistic family members resulted in a wedding that was truly captivating and unforgettable. Every detail, from the beautiful bouquets to the carefully crafted chuppah, spoke volumes about their commitment to curating a wedding that was uniquely theirs. It was an honor to be a part of their journey and witness the magic that unfolded on their special day.


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