Stunning Blossom Flower Trees wedding at Farnham Castle

Amazing Farnham Castle wedding

This lovely blossom flowers trees wedding at Farnham Castle, was so packed with things to make you go ooooohhhhh! Where do I start with such lovely designs?  Angela and Adam’s wedding at Farnham Castle was in Angela’s own words, like a princess tale from start to finish.  Angela’s bouquet was a beautiful mix of  ivory and blush pink garden roses, lisianthus and stunning phalaenopsis orchids.  Her bridesmaid carried a pretty matching bouquet without the orchids.



Our wonderful, normally all white, blossom wedding flower trees, were customised with pale blush pink cherry blossom, and were used to great effect to first dress the wedding ceremony aisle in the Lantern Hall, then moved on to dress 6 of the 8 guest tables.   The wedding aisle was also lined with vintage bird cage lanterns, all leading the way to a beautiful ceremony table display dripping with phalaenopsis orchids.
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For the wedding reception, the nearly 7 ft tall flower trees, made an amazing and dramatic impact in the great hall, really suiting the immensely tall ceiling. The remaining two guest tables were dressed with vintage bird cages centrepieces.  The stunning ceremony table display was extended to stretch all the way along the long top table, giving another huge wow factor in the room! And all the bird cages and storm vases from the wedding aisle, were used with great effect on the floor, in front of the top table.  A speechless Angela as she entered the room, accurately captures the beauty of this wedding set up at Farnham Castle.  I will let the fantastic photography, thanks to Elton Mogg Photography, speak for itself.

farnham castle wedding reception flowersflower-blossom_trees-farnham_castle_wedding_AP_0014farnham castle wedding flowers, farnham castle top table wedding flowers, flower garland on the top table at farnham castle weddingfarnham castle wedding florist, farnham castle wedding flowers, top table garland runner centrepiece at farnham castle.flower-blossom_trees-farnham_castle_wedding_AP_0031flower blossom trees at farnham castle weddingflower-blossom_trees-farnham_castle_wedding_AP_0017bird cage table centrepiece at farnham castle weddingIf you like our amazing flower trees, they are available for hire, complete with hanging bird cages, lanterns and hanging votives, and they look even more amazing as the lighting gets dimmed for the evening.  More posts with wedding flowers trees can be seen on our gallery and Great Fosters venue pages, where they were used first.

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