Indian wedding at Botleys Mansion

A huge WOW Indian wedding at Botleys Mansion


Jess & Nick’s fabulously English-Indian wedding at Botleys Mansion packed a whole load of WOW!  Gorgeous & colourful but still delicately coloured flowers, candlelight galore, celebrations spread over 2 days, a whole load of traditions… And an abundance of LOVE!!!

As is true of most hybrid weddings where 2 cultures come together, there was no shortage of big and small details to sort out for this 2-day affair, including 3 outfit changes as you might expect… The floral decor and styling was left to ours truly, but all other details were beautifully ticked off by Poppy of Poppy Sienna events who came on board quite late on and made lots of swift progress helping Jess & Nick to bring the complete 2-day proceedings planning into good order. 

Jess & Nick’s big 2-days started off with a blessing ceremony – with more guests than I’ve ever seen filling up the Green Room at this Indian wedding at Botleys Mansion, we opted to have the ceremony facing the beautiful fireplace with long curved rows of seats being laid out amphitheatre style to maximise seating space.   We created a semi-circle floral meadow in front of the mantlepiece, to surround Jess & Nick as they were saying their vows, and added pretty florals to the mantlepiece.   To echo the beautiful gold wall lights and chandelier in the Green Room, we used gold vases and candlesticks to create a warm colour effect, perfectly complementing the delicate ivory, blush, apricot, pale coral and pale blue colour scheme.   Jess wore a sexy short dress with drop-dead-gorgeous blue shoes and the pair really looked a million dollars and absolutely slayed!  The rest of the day was spend on a fun outdoor Mendhi party in the Temple bar wing, with Indian street food and packing in many traditional customs, and finished with a Jaggo ceremony.   During the Jaggo the relatives danced with pots on their heads decorated with oil candles (Jaggo literally translates to “wake-up” and this event would have historically happened by alerting the village at night about the upcoming wedding).  

Meanwhile, we escaped back to the workshop to complete the rest of the flowers for the next day. 

Day 2 commenced early with Jess and Nick getting ready and leaving together with at a very early 8:30 am, for the Sikh ceremony at the Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha.  A couple of hours later, with this completed, 180 odd guests greeted Jess & Nick back at Botleys Mansion for an afternoon of dining and evening of big time partying…. We dressed the many tables with beautiful collections of candles in cylinder vases, votives and gold candlesticks, mixed in amongst pretty flower posies arranged in a relaxed and organic style.  The feature of the room was the beautiful arch we created at the top of the stairs, to frame Jess & Nick as they entered the Atrium.  A stunning cascade of flowers down the lower stairs  visually lead the way down to an amazing floral runner at the bottom of the stage where the top table would be placed later on. The colours looked fantastic with the candlelight! We used a mix of roses, garden roses, blousy hydrangeas, pretty and delicate scabiosa, lisianthus, dianthus and dahlias, and added spired of delicate blue delphiniums to add occasional height to the stairs flowers. So so pleased with the colour blend and the overall effect. 

Throughout the 2 days, a beautiful floral runner dressed the front of the venue to welcome guests over the course of the 2 days, and a pretty collection of candlelight and flower posies  were used to dress the entrance foyer table, continuing on with the relaxed vibe decor for the whole event.  

Enough words for now, as nothing can quite describe how epic this Indian wedding at Botleys Mansion was – I leave you to enjoy the gorgeous photos by Anita Masih Photography, who really captured the essence of Jess & Nick’s wish to make this a little bit different and stamp their own signature on what a fusion English Sikh wedding meant to them.  

If you are planning a large complex wedding and need a helping hand, have you considered a wedding planner? You’d find all the help you need under the careful guidance of Poppy from Poppy Sienna Events, who was amazing at pulling together all the finer details for this beautiful and complex Indian wedding at Botleys Mansion.  

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