Outdoor Wedding at Great Fosters – Dazzle Celebrity Wedding

A VIP Outdoor Wedding at Great Fosters: A Dazzling Affair

At Great Fosters, we recently had the privilege of organizing a VIP outdoor wedding that can only be described as a magnificent display of love and beauty, and absolutely rocked with opulent stunning wedding flowers. This momentous occasion marked the first civil outdoor wedding held within the impressive grounds of Great Fosters, making it an exceptional start to a new chapter. 

To create a show-stopping ceremony ambiance, our team spared no effort in designing a truly captivating floral backdrop. As guests took their seats in front of the garden pavilion, newly registered for civil weddings, they were greeted by a magnificent rose arch that stood proudly in front of the pavilion. Inspired by Robbie Williams’ wedding recently featured in the press, the arch boasted an abundance of fabulous roses and hydrangeas, resulting in an awe-inspiring display that took hours to construct, with many hands on deck. 

The aisle leading up to the pavilion, set in the midst of lush green lawns, began with two grand urns overflowing with statuesque and romantic delphiniums, bloomy hydrangeas, fragrant roses, and lustrous pearl strands. These stunning floral arrangements set the tone for a romantic and elegant ceremony and beautifully framed Carly and Simon as they took their first steps as husband and wife.  Carly carried a textural bouquet of scented peonies and roses and looked amazing in her stunning wedding dress. 

Inside the Tithe Barn, we adorned the space with opulent tall and low floral displays bursting with hydrangeas, roses, scented stocks, peonies, and lisianthus. Carly wanted to add a little nod to the rustic style of the Tithe Barn, so we integrated rustic magnolia branches painstakingly adorned with delicate spray roses and vintage pearls to infuse a touch of luxe yet rustic vibe that complemented the venue’s rustic character

One of the highlights of the reception decor was the long flower garland that adorned the entire length of the top table. This beautiful and lush garland, overflowing with blooms and contrasting greenery, added an exquisite touch to the romantic atmosphere.

Great Fosters set the stage beautifully as the wedding venue for this very special VIP wedding.    With its picturesque grounds and timeless appeal, Great Fosters provided the perfect backdrop for this extraordinary celebration of love. Our team had the honour of bringing the couple’s vision to life, ensuring that their special day was enchanting and truly one of a kind.  This celebration marked a milestone as the first ever civil outdoor wedding at Great Fosters, a unique touch to an already extraordinary event which will be remembered for its elegance, romance, and gorgeous opulence. 


Fairy lights supplied by Party Lights, and chair covers supplied by The Chair Dressing Company. 

If you’re planning your wedding at Great Fosters, please check out the many featured Great Fosters weddings at this beautiful Surrey wedding venue, a stone’s throw away from our workshop, we would be delighted to help you with your own wedding flowers. 

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