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Dramatic Wedding at Pembroke Lodge – Red for Love

When Katie forwarded me her Youtube taster video after the wedding, I can honestly say that I felt so touched, my eyes started to well up.  I’m not sure what exactly caused this… Most likely Christina Perri’s hauntingly beautiful lyrics of I have Loved You For ‘A thousand Years’ which perfectly suited the moment.  And so much promise held behind such simple and short words as “I do”…. There is a moment in the video when an avalanche of emotions are visible behind Katie and Marc’s smiles, all tumbling over and over just below the surface! It was so touching and tender, that the sight of a little girl running fleetingly between guests on the terrace a few seconds later in the video, really did reduce me to tears. I own up, I am a softie and its not that deep down either.  Love is precious and tender and for this I call this post Amore.

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For this Pembroke Lodge wedding, Katie opted for all red wedding flowers for a really romantic and powerful look which suited the Belvedere Suite at Pembroke Lodge perfectly. The room is such a lovely and neutral blank canvas that the strong colour scheme, coupled with such a long list of softer dreamy touches, made it all come together beautifully: a gorgeous ceiling tulle drape decorated the ceiling and the windows were draped with sheer fabrics and looked amazing, all thanks to Host With Style.  Flowers wise, the ceremony room was styled with bird cage centrepieces of red roses and opulent red amaryllis lilies, casting a lovely candlelight glow down the wedding aisle.

At the entrance end of the aisle, we placed two of our stunning ceiling-height wedding flower trees, available for hire at Pembroke Lodge weddings, while at the ceremony end, we placed two statement, very dramatic red focal ceremony centrepieces with structural red gladiola, red roses and bloomy amaryllis. The ceremony table was styled with pretty vases of deep red roses which were later on used on the top table. The wedding aisle centrepieces of candlelit bird cages were all also reused as guest table centrepieces and looked really fantastic against the white table linen. Here are some more stunning shots from this memorable Pembroke Lodge wedding, with wedding flowers in a blend of rich and deep reds, contrasting with soft and dreamy styling.  The photography at this Pembroke Lodge wedding is thanks to Patrick Dodds Photography, mixed in with my own amateur shots – I hope you enjoy this brief selection of photos.  If you are planning your own Pembroke Lodge wedding and are in need of ideas, please visit our Pembroke Lodge venue page full of other featured weddings at Pembroke.
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